Coach Aalia

Aalia Siddiqui
Certified Coach and Educator in Emotional & Social Intelligence


My most important life lesson came when I realized I was not honoring the person I could become because I was not honoring my true feelings.

I knew that I could not want for more if I wasn’t willing to be truthful about all that was inside not just in my head, but in my heart. My life changed when I became emotionally aware. I now want to share how that felt with others who want More.



As a child, I knew deep down that I had to find a way out of a world with predisposed ideas of who I needed to be. As a young girl, I was putting on entertaining shows or pioneering in ways that my friends would not dare due to cultural and social norms. I was ‘different’ and wanted more than what was afforded to me in Pakistan. So when an opportunity came, I took it.

I chose marriage as a way to escape a predetermined life, yet I found myself in the very kind of life I was running away from. The marriage was filled with negotiation and dismissal of my true yearnings. Flash forward twenty-five years, I found myself hostage in a life that once again thwarted my potential and I once again, wanted a way out.

I spent a large portion of my life dishonoring my emotions. Instead, I chose to compromise or silence my feelings to keep the status quo. This constant dishonoring of myself ultimately led to dishonoring those around me. Something had to change and it began with addressing that which I had long ignored - my essence

Today, I work on making amends with myself and loved ones. I follows my yearnings and create a better version of myself in each given moment. This journey towards authenticity has allowed me to work with others to honor their true self and embrace the person they can potentially become. More importantly, I am becoming the woman that my inner child is honored to be.

Honor your inner child



With a Bachelors in Business Management and Masters in Leadership and Coaching, I have over 20 years of experience working with people - leading, managing, coaching and educating.

So when you tell me about life transitions, whether a move, a new job, a business, or school, or changes in family and relationships, and I say, "I understand," please know that I truly do. Like you, I have experienced tremendous success and utter failure. I too have landed new jobs and been fired. I too have started new businesses and wrapped up old ones. I too have experienced the joys of family and relationships, and I too, have dealt with heart-breaks, death and divorce.

Regardless of religious, cultural or social differences, I relate to you on a deep and profound level – the level of universal human emotions.

I continue to use the power of emotions to design a spectacular life. Let me share with you how and help you to realize your potential!




Aalia Siddiqui is a blessing in my life! I believe that true healing comes from my Self, to Source and to others! From the first time we met, Aalia has connected with me and I with her from the heart, from a place of love, non judgement. It is from this place that all healing happens for me! I Honor and love (lava) this human being!
— Pam Brooks-Crump
She made me aware of my feelings, and made me think of why I act the way I do. She helped me to make decisions about what I want in life.
— Geraldine L
My staff thoroughly enjoyed the training! There’s a positive buzz in the office, and everyone is so much more energetic.
— Dr. Khan
She encouraged me to truly listen to my feelings and to understand that there are no bad feelings.

She helped me discover what my Truth was and the core to most of my emotional challenges.
— Judy S.
Her speech was thought provoking and energizing! She brought leadership into a whole different light.
— Muslimah Connection Annual Conference 2018